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My name is Rob Gill. I am Graphic and Web Designer based in Yorkshire. I have a day job and I freelance in my spare time. I also study part time, where I specialise in data visualisation and infographics.

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The Day Job

Digital Designer at First 10 Digital

Tilda Rice Barbeque Infographic
Puma Football Infographics
Tilda Rice Webeing Infographic

My day job involves working on some pretty exciting projects, take the 3 projects above for example, and for some pretty cool clients too...

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Case Studies

Selected Projects

Aww! My Pencil!

Snap! I haven't had chance to upload any case studies yet.
Check back soon, or visit my online portfolio's, either dribbble or bēhance.


I have an excellent eye for design...

My Glasses

...even if my actual eye sight is really poor (-7.5 in both eyes).
This is what the world looks like without my glasses... :'(


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